Saturday, March 7, 2009

Greatness Regained


  1. The best episode since "Reunion," to be sure. I was one of the few who didn't like last week's episode ("Larry King") very much. I thought last week's had all the elements that make "30 Rock" great, but they didn't coalesce well for me.
    This week was a different story. I loved the "Harry and the Hendersons" parallel story. The climax (with Jack yelling at Frank to "go back to the writer's office!") nearly had me in tears from laughter.
    Some favorite quotations from this week:
    "That film has layers..."
    "Even prisoners have birthdays!"
    "...For the woodland ape."

  2. Definitely. This episode was fantastic. That climax was devastatingly hilarious. It reminded me of the Point Break reference at the end of Hot Fuzz in how expected it was but also in how incredibly satisfying I found its execution to be. I really want to watch Harry and the Hendersons now. I've always been a quiet proponent of Frank and was happy to see a Frank-centric episode like this succeed so well.

    Favorite Tracy Jordan non-sequiturs:
    "Love, Peace and hand grease!"
    "Come On, Daniel!"

    Not that anyone really cares anymore but The Office was quite fantastic this week also.

  3. Haha, The

    But yes I am in full agreement that this episode, coupled with last week's, may signal the creative re-birth of '30 Rock.'

    Favorite parts: Frank looking back mournfully before retreating to the writer's office; "I keep going by the same Sbarros!"

    Least favorite part: "Do you want me to draw you a picture? Cuz i did!" (Cut to picture) As Nathan Rabin aka Rabin at the AV Club's TV Club has pointed out, it's a very "Family Guy"-ish joke. Which I do not enjoy.

    I also very much enjoyed a Frank-centric episode. More than anything I enjoyed an episode that took place at and was mostly about the work place, 30 ROCK, rather than Liz Lemon's tiny apartment or a McDonald's downtown.