Thursday, March 5, 2009

Advertisements for Ourselves

Greetings Earthlings,

Just wanted to take a little server space to promote the various other weBLOGS contributed to and run by our talented, rotating and thoroughly unpaid staff. 

McWriter aka McNasty aka Andrew McNally aka Big Baby Jesus contributes to Bring Back The Hindenburg which one might assume is an online petition. One would be wrong, but not entirely so.

RHK aka Ryan Kasmiskie aka Some Guy on the Internet runs and contributes to various, equally great blogs, including the scathing 'DT' Digest and the informally brilliant Copy of a Copy

Urbansprawls aka Daren Sprawls aka Pope Urban II aka the Holy Crusader runs and contributes to ONE worth-your-time site, the painfully personal Fake Pictures 

The cryptically-named Daniel Borders-Ashe aka DBA aka Draconian Bad-Ass aka Heir to the Borders Fortune only contributes to Anamorphic Analysis but he's a double-major and a semester behind. He does, however, follow Ryan's Copy of a Copy as any fully sentient being in this God-forsaken hellscape should.

Charles B. aka C. Benimoff aka Palme D'Or Recipient The Wind that Shakes the Charlie runs and contributes to the nearly unpronounceable Snorple's Shpigglewog and its comparatively conventional sister site  Snorple's Wagglewaggle

Cam Siemer aka Cam Siemer aka Cam Siemer aka The Unutterable runs and contributes to the truly tremendous Splash Page Cinema, a rare oasis of critical thinking in the endless swamp of comic-book movie weBLOGS. 

and finally,

Flem aka Phlegm aka Charlie Fleming aka the all-new, fully automated Flembot 3000 only contributes to Anamorphic Analysis but the days of a hostile creative takeover are close at hand.

So if you have any spare time (and if you're reading this you must definitely do) be sure to check out one or all or none of those sites. Anamorphic Analysis strives to be merely the first among equals and a home base for various free thinkers as well as those who merely think they are free.

Thanks for your time and happy reading, true believers.

(And to all you Mailer fans tolerating this post's reference to the great man's 1959 tome Advertisements for Myself, look out for an upcoming post on the absolutely batshit and occasionally inspired cinema of Beyond the Law, Maidstone, Tough Guys Don't Dance, et. al.)


  1. You've instructed me to comment and comment I shall. I'm just curious as to whether the Maidstone update will include details of the film's strange conclusion, in which a crazed Rip Torn repeatedly hit Norman Mailer in the head with a hammer while Mailer's entire family stood by and watched in horror. I sure hope so!

  2. for reference


    The link to "" should link to here instead^

    Tancks for the promo tho!